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  • Trump attends Women in Healthcare panel at the White House in Washington

    Medicaid Work Rules Approved for South Carolina

    By Michael Rainey

    The Trump administration on Thursday approved South Carolina’s request to impose work requirements on Medicaid recipients. Seema Verma, administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid...

  • Watchdog Questions $6.7 Billion in Medicare Payments

    By Michael Rainey

    Health insurance companies in the Medicare Advantage program have received billions in extra payments after making adjustments to their patient charts – changes that the Department of Health and...

  • A cyclist passes the U.S. Capitol in Washington

    House Passes Pelosi’s Sweeping Drug Bill

    By The Fiscal Times Staff

    A bill backed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi that would empower the federal government to negotiate lower drug prices passed the House Thursday in a 230-192 vote, largely along party lines. As we told you...

  • Shocking Health Care Statistic of the Day

    By Michael Rainey

    Consumer health insurance costs are up more than 20% year over year, according to the Labor Department’s Consumer Price Index data released Wednesday. Medical care costs overall have risen 4.2% from...

  • Pelosi holds news conference on Capitol Hill

    Ready to Rumble: How Pelosi’s Drug Bill Sets Up Dems for 2020

    By Michael Rainey

    After making a deal with liberal Democrats Tuesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appears to have cleared the way for a vote this week on a sweeping bill that would empower Medicare to negotiate drug...

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